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Nobody plans to live a life being stressed by financial worries; however, this is the reality currently affecting most South Africans. Smart Money is here to help you make Smart Money Choices through education, backed up with tools and resources.

You have worked too hard to have nothing left to show for it at the end of each month. We are here to help you put a Financial Action Plan in place that will allow you to achieve Financial Freedom!

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The Smart Money Solution

The Smart Money solution is an 8 step financial wellness approach that will help you put you on a path to financial freedom.

We ensure that whatever we speak about we have the tools and support to back it up. So whether you are tackling debt, trying to reduce costs, save money or get financially organised we have the financial tools and resources to help you out!

Our online Smart Money academy is backed up with face-to-face support with the help of our Smart Money Financial Coaches to give you the complete financial wellness solution.

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Sign up to our online Smart Money Budget Planner, use our Home and Car calculators, download our Debt Snowball and Savings templates and so much more!

Online courses, forums and support

Learn at your own pace with our online courses and blog articles. Engage with fellow members and financial coaches on our forums and groups and get the help you need!



What are some of the people we have helped saying?

Group Commercial Director

One of the best wellness programmes

I was really happy that I attended the first on-boarding session. It was inspiring, fun and added value very quickly. I think this is one of the best wellness programmes I have seen in my career- I'm glad you are onboard!

Group Commercial Director
Joe Public United

An incredible platform!

This is exactly what we were looking for! I cannot overstate the point that working with the Smart Wellness Zone has been one of the most pleasant experiences. An incredible platform! Highly recommended.

Meraki Marketing
Marketing Manager

Best thing ever!

Marketing Manager
Joe Public United

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Do you want to get access to everything Smart Money has to offer together with our full Smart Wellness offering as well as face-to-face financial coaching?

Bring Smart Money and the Smart Wellness Zone to your business! A game changing offering that will help all employees get personally and financially organised.

  • Company Presentations
  • Onboarding workshops
  • Individual Face-to-Face Financial Coaching
  • Access to the whole Smart Wellness Zone

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