Employee Wellness

Smart Employee Programme

The Smart Wellness Zone offers everything you need to help you and your fellow employees reduce stress and help you get organised

Get your company to help you and colleagues!

We understand that the current hardships being experienced by our fellow South Africans. That is why we have designed this Programme to address the different pain points you might be experiencing.

From reducing your debt, helping you to save more, giving you a basic legal knowledge, assisting you to get peace of mind and getting you fit and healthy are just some of our objectives.

Our practical approach allows people to change their behaviour to live a better life.

Face-to-Face Support

While there are many advantages of digital, nothing beats having someone in person showing you what to do and how to go about it. Our Smart Employee Programme provides Smart Coaches that come to your business and do presentations, onboarding workshops and coaching.

Online Platform

Have your company cover the costs of accessing our Smart Wellness Zone platform. Get access to all our Zones and join our community! Engage with fellow members and coaches, get organised, reduce financial stress, improve your education around a wide variety of topics, get personal assistance with the help of our partners and get fit and healthy!

How to get Started


Nominate your company and we will meet with your employers to try and introduce our Smart Employee Programme.


If successful, we will launch the Smart Employee Programme in your company with face-to-face presentations and coaching together with our online platform.

Nominate your Company Today

Get us to tell your company about all the benefits of our Programme and give them a demo of our platform.