Employee Wellness

Smart Employee Programme

The Smart Wellness Zone offers everything you need to help employees reduce stress and help get organised

Employees are STRESSED!

But we can help.

Nobody plans to live a life being stressed by financial and other worries; however, this is the reality currently affecting most South Africans. As a consequence employees are not fully engaged in their work space resulting in reduced productivity which causes increased stress on employees.

The remedy requires a practical approach that allows people to change their behavior to live a better life.

Redefining Employee Wellness

A proactive approach to employee wellness

We provide solutions to employees before there are problems!

We are focused on the whole of the employee and therefore our solutions aim to address all the different wellness aspects

We assist employees by empowering them with the knowledge, tools and resources to avoid potential problems they might incur. We are not just a person at the end of the phone telling you how to deal with a potential issue, we are real people who through our experience of dealing with real problems have designed innovative solutions to enable others to avoid them!

Benefits Realised

Improve productivity and reduce stress
Help attract the best talent
Help retain the best talent
Enhance existing HR programmes and initiatives
Build a resilient organisation

Digital Learning

Imagine having access to specialists in all the different employee wellness areas at any time of the day? Well imagine no more as that is what our platform aims to achieve. We leverage technology to educate employees around different employee wellness aspects and give the tools and resources to back up everything employees learn.

Education backed up with the solutions with the ability to engage with industry specialists in our online forums and groups for additional assistance. We aim to provide the most comprehensive employee wellness platform that enables employees to improve their knowledge so that they can minimise any potential problem in the future.

Face-to-Face Learning

While there are many advantages of digital, nothing beats having someone in person showing you what to do and how to go about it. We provide a range of different face-to-face solutions from presentations, workshops to personal financial coaching.

With financial stress being identified as employees biggest issue in the workplace we are able to address this by placing a financial coach in your business in order to help all employees get financially organised and reduce financial stress through personal financial coaching.

Focus on just face-to-face solutions or supplement your digital employee wellness programme – the choice is yours!

How to get Started

From R75 an employee


Meet with a sales specialist to find out more about our Smart Employee Programme options


Conduct our initial Smart Wellness Employee survey to see what are your company’s employees stress points


Launch a tailored solution for your company with a combination of face-to-face and digital learning backed up with financial coaching

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